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Many Mileposts in Life



Many Mileposts in Life

Do you remember watching those cartoons with mileposts that have more boards pointing in different directions than there is room on the post?

All of our lives we have mileposts that tell us how close we are to our location or maybe how far we still have in our journey. We have some mileposts in Pennsylvania that are made of stone about 6 inches square and stand about 3 feet above the ground. Sometimes these posts are engraved with a towns name or you may still see the town’s name painted on the side facing the town.

As we continue our life’s journey there are times that we have to find our location and see how close we are to the next location. Being a personal property appraiser it is our privilege to help people continue on their journey without losing their way.

Our Preservation Appraisal is a very important service we offer to our clients. We recommend first you get your will in order and then have a Preservation Appraisal done for you.

The benefit of the Preservation Appraisal by Unmatched Appraisal Services is that we will catalog your valuables. Then they will be listed in your appraisal report with photos, this way your heirs will not part out your valuables by having a yard sale. Thus your valuables will be preserved for future generations.