Who is Forrest Ketner?

Forrest Ketner is a business owner of Unmatched Appraisal Services, Ketner Taxidermy and Trophy DOC. In this role, Forrest Ketner manages all aspects of providing services for his customers, including appraiser, taxidermy and restoration.

A man of faith, Forrest Ketner supports his local church and a couple trips to New Orleans to help with his talents on the mission field.

Forrest is a licensed Taxidermist; licensed in Pennsylvania.

Forrest is also a certified Personal Property Appraiser.

Member of; Certified Appraiser Guild of America, and Continental Appraisal Association.

Forrest has been involved since 1982, for over 30 years in the taxidermy trade, which taught him the importance of thinking thru a project before beginning.

After all of his experiences he has decided to make his expertise available to the public thru his websites at www.Aunmatched.com and www.TrohyDOC.com.

Forrest’s varied background in construction, and taxidermy provide the perfect foundation for sharing his knowledge on his website and various books he has written on Amazon.com.

His books Taxidermy Mount Care, and How to Install Your Own Kitchen You can do it yourself! were published in 2012 also Saw Horse Plans Three Piece Saw Horses, Portable Table Saw Stand Plans and a series of How to Learn Taxidermy books has since helped many people to complete their projects. All these books are available on Kindle at Amazon.com.
Forrest has also authored some magazine articles.

To contact Forrest Ketner please go to www.Aunmatched.com.



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